Goldberg opens up on his motives and hesitations regarding WWE return

In a recent edition of Bischoff On Wrestling, former WCW President and pro-wrestling personality Eric Bischoff interviewed Bill Goldberg, where the duo spoke on a myriad of issues, the most prominent among them being Goldberg’s most recent run with the WWE.In case you didn’t know…

Eric Bischoff has worked with the WWE in the past, but not before he helmed the WCW promotion during a time when Goldberg was WCW’s top star.The WWE bought WCW back in 2001 following which a multitude of WCW stars including Goldberg jumped ship to WWE. 

The legendary performer competed in the WWE for a few months from 2003, when he won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship until his run with the company ended at Wrestlemania 20 in 2004.

The 49-year old powerhouse returned to WWE after a 12-year absence in 2016 and would go on to defeat Brock Lesnar and Kevin Owens, winning the WWE Universal Championship against the latter. 

He recently lost the Universal title at Wrestlemania 33 to Lesnar, following which he addressed the fans stating that he’d be stepping away from the sport once again.The heart of the matterGoldberg has reportedly had issues with WWE management during his 2003-04 stint and Eric Bischoff was quick to probe him about the aforementioned issues. Here’s what Golberg had to say regarding his motives and hesitations, if any, before his 2016 comeback to WWE:“You always have doubts. You like to think the scenario is set to where it’s a slam dunk and everything will go as planned. In any business these days things can go awry. Go against the grain and go against what was in stone and written down.

 The business is the business. I had tension coming in because I am always defensive with stuff like, “I’ve gotta protect this…” or, “I’ve got to protect that.” I was as open as possible.

“I think more open than I ever have been in wanting acceptance from the guys. Needing that so that I felt better about coming in and not being that guy who hides in his back room and comes out when it’s just his time.

That’s not me. As rough as I am and staunch as I am about things I believe in. Whether they be right or wrong, I have conviction in them. I am not a bad guy. I have feelings and I want these guys to understand that I am greatly appreciative.”