Goldberg’s Possible WWE Return

If Goldberg ends up in a WWE ring one last time, he has a chance to rewrite one of WrestleMania’s worst matches ever. But is this more about WWE?

On Monday Night Raw, the “Hatch” teaser was revealed to be Goldberg. However, it wasn’t a return to WWE TV, but a placement in the WWE 2K17 video game. He will be part of the Pre-Order Exclusive in two different playable characters.

The former WCW star appearing in WWE 2K17 will begin speculation of a return to Vince McMahon’s company. The smirk toward a certain sign also had fans talking.
So if Goldberg ends up returning to WWE, then what?

The last time fans saw Goldberg in a WWE ring, a bad taste was left. He wrestled Brock Lesnar in what is considered one of the worst matches at the Show of Shows of all time, taking place at WrestleMania XX. These two had a long build to this bout, but when the fan base found out that both were leaving once their match concluded, everything changed.
The entire match is filled with boos, chants and other negatives and sent these two out on the lowest note possible. Lesnar has since returned and is in an ongoing, solid run. Goldberg has not appeared since, though, and that has kept fans wondering for over a decade if he would come back. The answer has been no, during this time, but if it comes a yes in 2017, then the Man Who Looked for Who’s Next has a chance to rewrite history.
Why would WWE go back to something that failed miserably the first time around, though? It’s easy: redemption.

Redemption is the name of the game here, not just for WWE, but for Goldberg. He’s a wrestling legend and is considered one of WCW’s greatest stars. His dominance with a 173-0 record had never been seen before or since, and likely won’t be matched. While the end of Goldberg’s WCW is in question, it’s hard to argue with most of his run with the defunct brand.


Goldberg’s final WWE match was on him and Lesnar, but as noted, the Beast Incarnate has made up for that disaster in recent years. While Goldberg may not care much about the way this ended because of his dislike of upper management, going out in the style that he did for how big his star was has to lurk. Wouldn’t the former football player somewhat want things to change? It may not be with Lesnar, but doing something to change the sour taste of his last appearance should happen. Shouldn’t it be with Brock, though? Wouldn’t that make more sense?
Maybe this is more about WWE.

In 2004, WWE put Goldberg vs. Lesnar together and saw a disaster unfold. Thankfully, Stone Cold Steve Austin was made the special referee, so he helped to bring in some cheers, but that gave no effect on the lasting image.

At WrestleMania 33, we will be 13 years past this match. With some redemption needed after a mediocre WrestleMania 32, WWE needs to load up this show to make it relevant. If they can get Goldberg to expand his 2K deal and compete in one more match, tossing a truck of money at him may happen. Most fans would flock at the sight of Goldberg in one last contest to redeem his last appearance, which is why WWE would be all over this.

The money that would pour in for Goldberg stepping into the ring for a final time would be plenty. T-shirts, WWE Network subscriptions, and WrestleMania tickets would be flowing, which puts a smile on the McMahon’s faces. The marketing here would sell itself, which WWE doesn’t often get to do, mostly due to their questionable booking in recent years.

The ultimate part of this may be the rematch with Lesnar, which may be one of the few ways Goldberg comes back. He would need a believable opponent, which are few and far between as of June 1 in WWE. There may be some eye-rolling at these two having another match, but with the circumstances having changed, this could work.