Holly Holm: ‘I’m ready to fight tomorrow’

Holly Holm is willing to wait to face Ronda Rousey at UFC 200 in July but she makes it clear that she’s ready to fight and defend her belt immediately

Women’s bantamweight champion Holly Holm would love to book a fight within the first few months of 2016, but she’s also not looking to rock the boat if the UFC is hellbent on making the rematch with Ronda Rousey at UFC 200 in July.

Holm knocked Rousey out in the second round with a vicious head-kick to win the title in November, and since that time all signs have pointed toward an eventual rematch between the two fighters.

Unfortunately, Rousey scheduling two prior film shoots while also recovering from a knockout loss will delay her return to action until deep into next year. Couple that with the promotion putting a lot of stock into UFC 200, which will likely become the biggest card of all time, and Holm might be forced to sit on the sidelines for the better part of eight months until her next trip to the Octagon.

“I do like to fight sooner than later, but I’m not one to say ‘This is what I want and who I want.’ I usually just take the opportunity that they give to me and so whatever happens, we’ll see how the cards unfold,” Holm told FOX Sports this past weekend in Las Vegas. “We’re sitting here today because I just took whatever opportunity was in front of me. They said Ronda was next, a lot of people said it was too soon, so I think that it’s been best for me with how I normally do it. Just let it flow.

“If it’s UFC 200, then the rematch is great.”

There were rumors floating around just recently that Holm wouldn’t be ready to fight again until at least June and that played a part in delaying the fight with Rousey until UFC 200.

Holm isn’t sure where that came from, but she categorically denies that she won’t be ready until then. Actually, Holm is ready to defend her title as soon as possible if the UFC decides to give her a date and an opponent.

“I’m ready to fight tomorrow,” Holm said. “Maybe they just don’t want me to fight until then but I’m perfectly healthy. I’m ready to go.”

As much as Holm hates sitting on the sidelines waiting for something to happen, she’s not in the business of making demands when it comes to her career.

She knows the UFC is banking on a big rematch with Rousey next year and if the negotiation to make that fight happens goes accordingly then Holm will sit and wait for UFC 200.

Whether that’s in early 2016 or waiting until UFC 200, Holm is ready for whatever comes next.

“Nothing’s set in stone so we’ll see how it unfolds,” Holm said.

“I’d like to fight sooner than later, but I’ve never in my life said ‘I want to fight this person at this time.’ I don’t do that. I don’t like to wait eight months but I’m not going to sit here and demand something different. If they give me something sooner, great, if not then great.”