Holly Holm Melts Bethe Correia With Head Kick Knockout

Holly Holm (11-3) delivered a stunning head kick knockout over Bethe Correia (10-3-1).

The first round was a bit of a feeling out process three minutes in. Fans began to get restless. A side kick to the body was there for Holm. She countered a hook with a body kick under the armpit. The two traded shots. Round one ended to the sound of boos.

Referee Marc Goddard stopped both women at some point in the fight and told both of them to make something happen. This delighted the crowd in Singapore.

 Correia closed the distance and grabbed a hold of Holm. He landed some knees to the thigh before the second round ended.

A high kick from Holm opened up the third round. A head kick dropped Correia and she was actually out. A stunning knockout for Holm after two rounds of inactivity.




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