How Come Ronda Rousey’s Feet Were Yellow And Purple After Her Fight With Holly Holm?

The rumor mill is churning. Some reddit users believe this is caused by a lack of circulation caused by steroid use. Other’s contend that Ronda just has general issues with circulation.

Others aren’t so sure, and think it may just be the result of her getting KTFO’d.

Here are some theories:

“They put stuff on the canvas to give grip. You’ll notice that all the fighters have yellow feet by the end of the fight. Looks weird but its the stuff from the mat.”

“I recall her saying once in an interview when fight time comes she tenses up and loses circulation to her toes. She said that’s also why she stomps the mat sometimes when she enters cause they are numb and she is trying to get blood back in them.”

Check out nasty closeups of the foot: