“I’m the best, no one will beat me”: Deontay Wilder gets stick for latest tweet about being ‘half human’ and ‘half hybrid’

Deontay Wilder's reputation as one of the most feared men in boxing may be well deserved, but he has undermined some of that ferocious image with an illogical social media post that has drawn ridicule for its questionable use of the English language.

The WBC heavyweight champ posted a video of himself on Instagram throwing some terrifying punches to his sparring partner, before sitting down to face the camera and menacingly proclaiming that he is the best.

“I’m the best, no one will beat me.

“I’m half human, half hybrid – I’m an extraterrestrial species.”

The definition of “hybrid” is something that is a mixture of two things: half of one and half of another, meaning it's impossible to be 'half human' and 'half hybrid' as Wilder suggested.