Is Bray Wyatt’s Real-Life Sister Sister Abigail?

Mika Rotunda, the real-life sister of WWE's Bray Wyatt, has commented on rumours that she could be cast in the role of "Sister Abigail".

After fans watched the 'Eater of Worlds' tell Finn Bálor that Abigail is, in fact, alive on Raw this week, his sister was flooded with (mostly) tongue-in-cheek Tweets asking her when she was planning to make her Monday night bow.

Rotunda, who does not currently work in professional wrestling, wrote this morning: "Today, I woke up to no less than 150 tweets asking me if I'm Sister Abigail. RUN @WWEBrayWyatt.":

Most viewers, however, seem to have caught on to the fact that Sister Abigail, whomever she is, wouldn't necessarily have to be a blood-relation of Bray (in the same way that Braun, Harper, and Rowan aren't really his actual brothers).

Wyatt, who has been drifting since the climax of his WWE Championship feud with former running mate Randy Orton in April, is – by comment consent – in desperate need of a storyline to help rescue his flagging credibility.

And whilst this could be another false dawn, fans are at the very least interested in seeing how the Sister Abigail saga concludes.