Is The UFC Afraid Miesha Tate Will Spoil Holm-Rousey 2?

In a new interview with the Boston Herald, UFC President Dana White is still non-committal on Miesha Tate getting the first shot at Holly Holm‘s UFC women’s bantamweight title. You remember, the one Holm took from demigod Ronda Rousey with a decapitating headkick at UFC 193 in November.

It sounds like the Prez is a bit worried Miesha could potentially ruin the plans for a Rousey-Holm rematch:

“God, I just — for that rematch not to happen first would just be such a (expletive) tragedy,” White said of Holm-Rousey II. “And let me tell you what, Miesha’s a tough fight for her. So I don’t know, we’ll see.”

As for Rousey, White said she is “in a good place” after her first loss, which went viral and was one of the most replayed sports highlights of 2015.

“She doesn’t seem like she is because she’s just sort of hiding out right now from the media, but she’s in a good place,” White said. . . .

Though there’s been reports of a verbal agreement for Tate getting the first shot at Holm’s title in the UFC 197 co-headliner in March, the UFC has still yet to confirm it. And White’s language in the interview indicates there could be some hesitancy.

It’s hard to argue anyone deserves a title shot more than Miesha right now. She’s won four in a row and is ranked No. 2 just below Ronda. If Holm is going to have a fight before the Rousey rematch, which is what White previously indicated, then it would be a travesty for it NOT to be Miesha.

It’s good to hear that Rousey is “in a good place”. Good, let her heal up, get back in fight shape and then she can fight the winner of Holm-Tate.

Here’s to hoping Tate is fighting Holm at UFC 197 on March 5. Check out this fan-made promo.