James Ali Bashir talks to BaylorIC TV Boxing

James Ali Bashir talks to BaylorIC TV Boxing

by BaylorIC TV Boxing’s Ingram Jones – World Class Trainer James Ali Bashir remains some what of a mystery to the boxing public at large. Students of the sport will have a good idea of who JAB is in terms of his contribution to the sport of boxing and his experience.

When you mention JAB the first thing that comes to most minds of fight fans is he is the trainer of Wladimir Klitschko. Actually, he is the assistant trainer to Wladimir Klitschko. The head trainer is Johnaton Banks and has been since the passing of head trainer Emmanuel Steward.

The question is constantly asked if Bashir is so good how comes he is not the head coach of Wladimir Klitschko. In all my time talking to JAB whom I refer to now as UNCLE, it has become apparent that despite having over 40 years experience as a boxing trainer, that wasn’t good enough to get the approval of the long reigning heavyweight champion.

What might be the root of it all is that Johnathon Banks is a student of the “Kronk” Style which he was well mentored under the guidance of Emmanuel Steward.

Bashir on the other hand whilst he respected the Kronk achievements is a man with his own thoughts, methods and ultimately would do things his way. Not that this is a bad thing, rather it seems apparent that Klitschko would stick with the Kronk way of things, with the belief of “If it aint broke, why fix it?” and who would agree with a string of successful world title defenses.

One man who has no doubts about the abilities of JAB is Oleksandr Usyk from the Ukraine and fights under K2 Promotions banner. Unbeaten in 8 fights, it was Usyk that requested the services of Bashir and the two have work tirelessly together to form a winning partnership. With a host of well known trainers out there, why did Usyk pick Bashir?

Bashir says himself repeatedly that today’s trainers don’t have the experience to give young fighters today. He believes that experience is key and the lack of great trainers today who actually would mentor fighters and teach correct technique is sadly lacking in the sport of boxing today. Uysk clearly agrees with this philosophy and wants to have not only a trainer with experience but one who can mentor him to become the best cruiserweight in the world.

As you will hear in the interview Bashir uses Teddy Atlas as an example of highlighted trainers who get much credit for little produce.