Jamie Noble has been left in hospital after being stabbed twice

Tragedy has struck the WWE today after Jamie Noble was stabbed twice following an incident on the roads in America.

According to NODQ.com, Noble had driven home from a WWE event in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Shortly after arriving at the trailer park where he lives, he was confronted by a man in a vehicle that claimed Noble cut him off.

Noble is said to have apologised, but the situation escalated and the two got into a physical confrontation.

At this point, things took a menacing turn as two other men got out of the car and at least one of them stabbed Noble in the upper back and middle back/spine area.

Noble was treated by EMTs at the scene and taken to a local emergency room. As of this writing, Noble is no longer in the ER, but his condition at this stage is unknown.

The WWE are aware of the situation, but have yet to make a comment.

One has to think that these men were looking for trouble if they would gang up and attack a man in this way, especially with a weapon, too.

Although we only have one side of the story from NODQ.com, the end results are still terrifying none the less.

Noble was followed to his home and then savagely attacked – those are the facts.

As a redneck cruiserweight, Noble was one of the most entertaining acts on Smackdown in the early 2000s and his comedic abilities came to the fore once again as part of the J&J Security duo that aligned themselves with Seth Rollins and the Authority in 2014.

He has most recently been working as an agent for the WWE and he helps talent construct their matches before they hit the ring.

Hopefully, Noble will survive and make a full recovery. We will update you when we have more details.




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