Jean-Claude Van Damme shows UFC fighters how to kick

Former action movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme is a self-proclaimed huge UFC fan and has taken a liking to guys like Conor McGregor and even trained with the Diaz brothers recently.

But if there’s one area the former “Bloodsport” star could see those “amazing UFC fighters” improving, it’s their kicks.

Aside from grappling and the ground game, kicking is one of the things that sets MMA apart from the United States’ previously most popular combat sport, boxing. But according to Van Damme, MMA fighters haven’t scratched the surface on the effectiveness of kicks.

“I want to teach people how to have power and flexibility and dexterity with the legs,” Van Damme told TMZ. “Right now, it’s a mess. They are missing, they are out of balance. Thank god they have good jiu-jitsu. And some guys have good eyes to kick in the right position when the guy is off balance, but to lift your leg, and arm your leg like a fist … you think people are good fighter right now in the UFC, wait five years. Wait five years when the (kicks) are coming in. When people have (kicks) like in the old times, like Bill Wallace — google Bill Wallace. Those guys were amazing, but it took years.”

Van Damme even took it a step further, showing the cameraman how to throw a proper kick.

There are a few guys on the UFC roster who have shown to be efficient and effective with their kicks, like Jose Aldo, Conor McGregor, Luke Rockhold, Anthony Pettis and Stephen Thompson. But those attributes drop significantly as you work your way down the roster.

Maybe more guys will take JCVD up on his offer to train, since he’s slowly becoming the cooler, more legit version of Steven Seagal.