‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ trolls UFC fans with petition to remove kicking and punching

UFC fans are passionate about the sport of mixed martial arts. They typically understand the hard work that goes into learning the various disciplines and respect the men and women who put their bodies on the line for their entertainment.

So you can only imagine their distain when Jack and Becky, resident trolls on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, approached the UFC faithful outside of UFC 199 with a petition to ban kicking and punching.

As you could have probably guessed, most fans weren’t down with stripping the sport of its most violent aspects. But the best part of the prank is the reaction of the fighters featured in the video, like Michael Bisping, Urijah Faber and Luke Rockhold.

“I feel like you’re bad parents,” Bisping said after Jack explained how MMA was inappropriate for children. “I feel like you come in here, preaching to people when deep inside you’re wicked and evil. And now you’re just trying to deflect it from you by criticizing people like myself. That’s how I feel. Am I allowed to feel like that or are you going to start a petition against my feelings?”

When Jack and Becky couldn’t get their point across to the fighters, they took their cause all the way to the top, thanks to a suggestion from Faber, and spoke to UFC president Dana White, whom they jokingly mistook for a woman in a passionate letter to the head honcho.

Check out the entire video for yourself.