Joe Rogan: McGregor vs. Edgar ‘is a way easier sell’ than McGregor vs. Aldo II


UFC analyst Joe Rogan believes that when it comes down to which Conor McGregor title fight is easier to sell, Frankie Edgar is the better option over a Jose Aldo rematch.

Since Conor McGregor’s spectacular loss to Nate Diaz at UFC 196, people have wondered what his next step will be. The outspoken Irishman already hinted at a return to 145 pounds where he has yet to defend his world championship belt. While many feel that a rematch against Jose Aldo would be a viable option, including his coach John Kavanagh, UFC commentator Joe Rogan would rather like to see a fresh matchup against former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar, who has been campaigning for a title shot for months now.

“Frankie Edgar is a way easier sell,” Rogan said Tuesday on his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. “Maybe if Aldo comes back and wins in spectacular fashion, like if he and Cub Swanson have a rematch. Because Swanson-Aldo went the same way Aldo and McGregor went. Aldo hits him with a flying knee two seconds into the fight cracks him. Aldo has to win again. You could sell [Aldo-McGregor II], but you wouldn’t sell it for as much as if Aldo won.

“When Manny Pacquiao got knocked dead the Floyd Mayweather fight was off. But then he beats Chris Algieri, looks like a f**king demon again and you go, ‘OK, we can see it again’ and they sold the fight. But if they tried to go right from the Juan Manuel Marquez knockout right into the Floyd Mayweather fight? They would have lost a s**tload of money. A fighter has to win.”

Frankie Edgar is unbeaten in the UFC since his featherweight debut loss versus Aldo in February 2013, including a dominant knockout victory over Chad Mendes in his last performance last December.

“Frankie Edgar is a 48-hour storm,” said Rogan. “You better have everything strapped down. He’s not going to get tired and he’s going to keep coming at you. He can wrestle his ass off. His footwork is sensational. I think Conor can knock out anybody, but you know what? So can Cub Swanson and he didn’t connect on Frankie. Frankie just wolverine’d him.

“Look at the Chad Mendes fight. Conor had a knee injury coming into it but Chad took him down at will. When Frankie gets you tired… What he did to Cub Swanson was incredible. Frankie’s not a huge draw but it’s a big fight.”

There is no information as of right now when or against whom McGregor will fight next. A fight at UFC 200 in July sounds like a likely scenario. The question remains, if it will be against Aldo or Edgar.

By Mark Bergmann