Joe Schilling Wins Fight In Cage, Then Gets In 10 Man Parking Lot Brawl, And Wins That Too


After competing at the fourth Bellator Kickboxing event in Italy. Bellator kickboxer and MMA fighter Joe Schilling got into a street fight outside the venue.

While he was victorious at Bellator Kickboxing after defeating Victorio Lermano by TKO, Schilling was more proud of his street fight victory alongside his coaches.

Schilling fight with Lermano will air on Spike TV on Friday, Dec. 16 at 11:15 p.m. EST.


Winning in Italy was great. Winning a street fight with all 3 of your coaches against 7 guys outside the venue…. Priceless!!! I will never ever ever forget this #morethenateam ❤️ #THEYARD

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