John Cena: ‘I’m Never Going To Leave WWE ‘

John Cena has urged his fellow WWE stars to step up while he is on a break from the company.

Former 15 time champion Cena – set to present reality show American Grit – told he would never leave WWE for good.

“I’ve been a cornerstone of WWE programming since 2002. That’s a long time, it’s more than 10 years.

“So much so that a portion of our audience has direct complacency with me. ‘Man, Cena holds everybody down. He doesn’t give the new guys a chance.’”

He continued: “From a company perspective, as you know I hold it very near and dear to my heart, the dance floor is open, boys.

“I’m gone, let’s see who steps up. And I like that. As much as I want to try to distance myself or as much as someone who views me would try to distance myself from WWE, I’m never going to go.”