John Cena makes WWE history at No Mercy

When you have been in the WWE for as long as John Cena, it’s expected that you will hold plenty of records and break plenty more.

Well, at Sunday’s No Mercy, Cena made another record in the books of WWE by competing in his 68th main event at a pay-per-view.

Now, before you all jump on it and say the triple threat can’t be classed as the main event as it kicked off the show, WWE are still officially classing it as No Mercy’s main event.

AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose vs John Cena for the WWE Championship. As we all know, it was Styles who prevailed and retained his title, with a steel chair coming to his aid at the end, but it was still a record-breaking night for Cena.

Sadly for him, it wasn’t his time to equal Ric Flair’s title haul, but it was the moment he stood alone in the category of PPV main events.

No Mercy was Cena’s 68th main event at a PPV, and because of it, he’s overtaken legends Triple H and The Undertaker, who both sit on 67.

To remember Cena’s first PPV main event, you’d have to go back 13-years to 2003, when he shared the ring with 29 other men in the official Royal Rumble match.

WWE SummerSlam 2015

His latest PPV main event, bar Sunday’s No Mercy, came back in 2014 when he main evented Survivor Series as Team Cena went up against Team Authority.

So despite AJ Styles’ claim that he is the face that runs the place, it’s still very apparent that John Cena is still in a league of his own, especially when it comes to main eventing PPVs.



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