John Cena on working with WWE after wrestling


John Cena knows how he'd like to help the WWE after he's done inside the ring.

"The Leader Of The Cenation" has been the top face in the WWE for years now and is arguably the greatest WWE Superstar of all time. Cena prides himself on being loyal to the company that gave him his break into superstardom and has been on record of saying that he won't leave unless the WWE tells him they no longer need him.

Although he has found some success in his acting career as of late, Cena still plans on staying loyal to the WWE after his wrestling career is over.

During a recent interview with the Playback podcast, Cena discussed what he'd like to do with the WWE after his in-ring career comes to an end. The former WWE Champ stated that he'd like to have a role with the company similar to that of Triple H (quotes via Wrestling Inc.):

"Yeah, people don't understand it's a business of creativity and I'm wearing a suit right now because I'm comfortable in a suit. Everyone's like, 'ah, dress casual.' This is my casual.

"I don't mind being in a suit. I have a more Vince [McMahon] style than I have a Triple H style, but you get to be creative. What Triple H has done with NXT is literally creating another functioning brand for the company.

"That is awesome! Like, I tell him all the time. I'm fascinated by the growth and development. It's amazing to see them run two functional brands now we legit have a third that we can set up in a town for one of our big four pay-per-views and sell out five days in a row.

"That's unheard of in the ticket-tearing business. That's unheard of."

Cena also noted that he'd love to help build the WWE's talent of tomorrow, working at the company's Performance Center on a daily basis to offer advice:

"I would love to do something like that and I don't even mean in that major of a capacity. I live very close to the [WWE] Performance Center in Orlando [Florida].

"I would love to just go there everyday and give advice." Cena continued, "I love going to the Performance Center every once in a while and just giving a way left field look of, 'I know you're being told this by your coaches, I'll drop, like, some weird fortune cookie moments on them and just about-face and leave and everyone's scratching their heads going, 'what happened?'.

"I like that too, man. You don't have to be in charge of creativity to be around the creativity. I just love the creativity of the [pro wrestling] business."

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