John Cena Stops Fight On Live TV To Point Out 7-Year-Old Cancer Survivor In The Crowd

It’s easy to assume that because John Cena is a professional wrestler with the WWE, he’s a mean tough guy.

But that’s pretty far from the truth, never judge a book by it’s cover, no matter how many muscles that cover might have!

John Cena has completed the most Make-A-Wish requests in the world, passing the 500 wishes granted mark milestone all the way back in April of 2015. No one else holds a candle to his record!

This man is clearly part angel because it seems like he exists solely just to make his fan’s lives better, simply by reaching out to them to say that he is thankful for all of their support.

Once, during a taping of WWE Raw, John saw a kid’s sign that said “I’m Beating Cancer,” so he brought them into the ring with him!

In a 2015 fight on Monday Night Raw, John was pitted to fight against Sting when he stopped the broadcast to talk about something important to him.

He wanted to bring everyone’s attention to Kiara Grindrod, a 7-year-old that had just beat cancer. He tells her, and the audience, “We want to thank you. For being our guest tonight, for being an inspiration, to not only us in the ring but every single person outside of the ring and around the world.”

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