John Cena talks about his diet


WWE wrestler and Massachusetts native John Cena stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Wednesday night, talking about his fledgling acting career and what he eats to stay in wrestling shape.

Unlike Tom Brady, who carefully regulates every aspect of his diet, Cena likes to keep things simple.

“If it breathes, or if it’s green, you eat it,” Cena told Colbert.

“But if it breathes and it’s green, it’s gone bad,” Colbert countered.

Cena, who was born in West Newbury, also told Colbert that he credits one of his heroes, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, with paving the way for other wrestlers to continue acting. (Johnson’s most recent film, Central Intelligence, was shot in Massachusetts last year, and The Rock showed Boston a lot of love following filming.)
“I think he’s a hero and inspiration to myself and anybody in the WWE,” Cena said. “He certainly has blazed a trail for all of us. He always comes back and continues to perform year after year in the WWE, and has really set the precedent that we’re not just WWE superstars.”