John Cena To Beat AJ Styles For The WWE Title Upon Return

Lets go Cena, Cena sucks!

The chant has been used for years now to show appreciation, or absolute displeasure towards John Cena and while it probably will be used for many years to come, fans are probably still dying to know when they are going to be able to chant it next? Not only that, who will the all The John Cena haters be rooting for when he finally does return? While his return date is being rumored to be sometime around October or November, the question of his seems to be a little bit more complex.

Sure, AJ Styles is rumored to be Cena’s opponent upon his return, which would probably result in Cena avenging his Summerslam loss, but the fact that The WWE Title could be on the line when it happens raises some very interesting questions for fans to ask. For example, when would Cena actually take the title away from The Phenomenal one and how long would he keep it for? If the answer is until WrestleMania 33, that would rule out the possibility of him facing The Undertaker and would open the door to him actually dropping the coveted belt to a top star at the grandest stage of them all.

According to The Inquisitor”Whenever he returns to SmackDown television, there is no indication as of this writing that John Cena is retiring as an active competitor from WWE. The latest news on his return to WWE programming is claiming that Cena vs. Styles is to continue once he returns, but the bigger question is if AJ Styles will be the WWE Champion? With that being said, AJ Styles is set to go agaisnt WWE Champion Dean Ambrose next month at Backlash and while its not extremely unlikely that Styles would take the title off of Ambrose so soon, he could take the title at a later pay per view.

If Cena does win the title, his record breaking 16th WWE title reign by the way, it would be interesting to see who he would drop the belt to and when. While that could take place at any upcoming pay per view, including The Royal Rumble and Fastlane, there is also the possibility that it will happen at WresteMania 33 in Orlando

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