John Kavanagh told that Ahmed Amir showed amazing heart and determination

Manama : John Kavanagh has issued an appreciation supporting Ahmed Amir, from the lightweight division of Brave Combat Federation. John Kavanagh is the head trainer and mentor of UFC champion and MMA superstar, Conor McGregor. 

Ahmed Amir scored a historic victory against Erik Carlsson at Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions.

Ahmed Amir is from Egypt but trains at Kuwait. Earlier this year Ahmed had visited KHK MMA gym in Bahrain. 

Kavanagh was in Bahrain as a coach and a guest during the 2017 Brave International Combat Week.

In his previous fight, Ahmed defeated Kevin Koldobsky by way of technical submission. Kevin also trains alongside Conor McGregor at SBG Ireland under the veteran coach John Kavanagh.

“Ahmed Amir showed amazing heart and determination. Erik Carlsson also deserves appreciation, his battle with Amir was the show’s best fight,” mentioned Kavanagh. 

Coach Kavanagh’s words were just one of the many compliments Amir had received after winning a post-fight performance bonus.

Ahmed Amir had already declared that he will focus on his growth in the sport to ultimately reach out to become the champion at Brave Combat Federation.