Jon Jones continues to post confrontational messages on social media

It’s seems that a decision regarding the future of Jon Jones is going to go down pretty soon. And the former UFC light heavyweight champion seems pretty confident about his chances based on his recent social media usage.

Yesterday, Jones tweeted out a confrontational message to his “haters”, telling them to “suck one”.

He then switched platforms the next day and posted an image on Instagram addressing steroids:

“No I’m not on steroids. You’re just a pussy.”

Jones ran afoul of USADA again after testing positive for turinabol around the time of his UFC 214 bout with Daniel Cormier. Jones and his team have vehemently denied any steroid use in the eight months since he was temporarily suspended and stripped of his title, and his manager Malki Kawa made the media rounds this week saying that it’s 95% likely that he competes in 2018.