Jose Aldo threatens Conor McGregor: Wherever I hit, you go to sleep

In a UFC 194 conference call, Jose Aldo promised to “run through” Conor McGregor like he did with most of his previous opponents.

The long-awaited showdown between Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor at UFC 194 is only a few days away. We’ve been here once already. Ten days before their first scheduled fight at UFC 189, Aldo pulled out with a rib injury and was replaced by Chad Mendes. Five months have passed since then. Aldo’s rib is healed up, and McGregor holds an interim belt, and this time, hopefully no injuries get in the way of these two fighters squaring off.

In a media conference call on Wednesday, Jose Aldo promised that he will be there on December 12 “for sure”. The UFC featherweight champion also explained that it wasn’t the thought of fighting with a broken rib that made him pull out in July, it was cutting weight with a broken rib.

“[McGregor] wouldn’t even get close to me, he wouldn’t hit me. That’s not what stopped me from fighting, but other things that would happen”, Aldo said. “It was the weight cut. I would go there and still need to cut weight. The fight itself didn’t bother me. He also had a bad knee too.” (Transcription via

On December 12, a long road finally ends for both fighters. One that led them around the world in an unprecedented media marathon in which McGregor provoked Aldo with one crazy stint after another. But everybody who thinks all of this bothers the champion, think again.

“He’s working for me, bringing me money, so why am I going to be angry at him?” Aldo said. “I love all this. He has done good things for the division. If we had another one like him, it would be great.”

However, Aldo didn’t shy away from sending out a threat to McGregor before they finally meet in the Octagon.

“Relax. Wherever I hit, brother, you go to sleep.”

The Brazilian said and claimed that this fight, with all it’s buzz, media attention and bad blood, is no different to all the 26 others he had. “Another win. No reason to be different,” Aldo said. “The only difference is that I always fought against Americans, and now I’m beating up an Irishman.”

Aldo and McGregor will face each other December 12 in the main event of UFC 194 in Las Vegas, NV.