Kane dominated a match Last Night’s WWE Raw

So, what did everyone think of TLC? Did anyone feel like Kurt Angle’s return at the TLC PPV was a huge success? Was watching Kane dominate a match populated by people nearly half his age a dream come true? Did you miss Sister Abigail?

Raw Monday night picked up where TLC left off, and then abruptly switched gears and started speeding toward Survivor Series, “the one night when Raw and SmackDown superstars face each other” (Or something like that).

We learned that all four champions (world, midcard, women’s and tag titles) would face each other, and there will two five-person elimination tag matches.

So just like that, our card is set. Yippee.

Oh wait, the Big Red Monster is back to claim his mantle as the only monster on Raw. And Monday, Finn Balor answered Kane’s challenge. And… oh, crap.

Yeah, it was that kind of night.

We also saw three women battle to be team captain. We saw Asuka get a rematch to show a live audience what she can do. And we saw Paul Heyman unload on the other champion, which just made Jinder Mahal look even more incompetent.

Overall, Raw offered some nice moments, but it definitely produced plenty of baffling decisions. Why do wrestlers immediately forget their feuds when they’re all wearing the same colored shirt. It’s just ridiculous.

With that said, let’s find out what made the grade and what got left on the cutting room floor.