Kevin Owens defeats AJ Styles in controversial fashion at Backlash

Backlash 2017 had come and gone and it gave the WWE fans plenty to talk about in the immediate aftermath.

The event had three title matches set to take place, and while only the WWE Championship changed hands, the United States title match gave possibly the most bizarre ending to a match on the show.

The US Title match between the champion Kevin Owens and his challenger AJ Styles ended with Owens holding onto the belt.
KO wouldn't be able to pin his opponent though and would instead claim a count-out victory to keep hold of his title.

Styles wasn't able to return to the ring before the referee counted to 10, but this wasn't due to Owens leaving him unable to answer the referees count outside the ring.

Styles would eventually be freed from the table and helped from the ring by medical staff as he was clearly struggling to walk.

Backstage however, WWE cameras caught up with the Phenomenal One and asked him for his reaction to the loss.

His response may not bode well for WWE and Styles fans.

Still being helped by referees, Styles would appear angry at the questions being thrown at him, even claiming "I don't even know if I'll be able to wrestle tomorrow."

Hinting that he could have felt a potential injury, Styles seemed visibly frustrated at the events of Backlash.

Currently there is no report on whether Styles is actually injured from his unfortunate encounter with the announce table.

Surely Smackdown on Tuesday night will give fans the answer to the injury questions and hopefully, the resumption of his feud with Owens.


Backlash on a whole was an entertaining night and it gave fans some moments that they won't soon forget.

The biggest shock came in he main event where Jinder Mahal defeated Randy Orton to become the new WWE Champion.

Mahal – who until several weeks ago was considered as nothing more than a mid – card superstar is now the top superstar on Smackdown – something that caught the fans in attendance by surprise.

The reaction to his victory was similar to that of the fans at WrestleMania XXX when the Undertaker lost for the first time – silence and a lot of shocked expressions on fans faces.