Kevin Owens names two WWE superstars and one legend he wants at WrestleMania

WrestleMania is one of those events where anything can happen and this past year's event is a prime example of that statement.

In April at WrestleMania 33, we had Roman Reigns defeating The Undertaker in his last match, Brock Lesnar becoming Universal champion, and John Cena proposing to Nikki Bella all on the same night in arguably one of the best WrestleManias in recent times.

It's definitely going to be tough for WWE to top that next year in New Orleans at WrestleMania 34 but, superstar Kevin Owens has proposed having a WrestleMania match against one of three possible opponents that fans would absolutely love to see.
The Prizefighter has already faced Chris Jericho in a United States Championship match at WrestleMania 33, and he also defended the Intercontinental Championship in a ladder match against Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Stardust, Sin Cara, and Zack Ryder at WrestleMania 32.

For WrestleManias moving forward, however, Owens wants to step up his game, as he said during an interview with that he would like to face either Shawn Michaels, Sami Zayn, or Finn Balor.

"If you say past, it's Shawn Michaels hands down. If you say present, Sami Zayn and I have had such a rich history, I feel like a one-on-one match at WrestleMania would be so perfect. But there's also Finn Balor. He's my best friend. He's probably the one guy if I could sit across from in the ring at WrestleMania, that would make my career.

"Finn and I got to WWE at the same time, and we dived into an unknown territory. We gravitated toward each other very quickly. He's like a brother to me now."

All three of these matches would be must-see. Shawn Michaels is a legend of the business and would put on a great match, but returning to the WWE would mean going against his retirement agreement with The Undertaker from WrestleMania 26, something which he has said he would never do.

That leaves Zayn and Balor, and we have already seen previews of what both of these matches could look like through the time these superstars have spent together not only on the main roster but while they were in NXT too.

Hopefully, WWE gets round to having either The Demon King or The Underdog from the Underground face The Prizefighter one-on-one at WrestleMania as it is bound to be one incredible match.