Kurt Angle announces a dumpster match for Raw

What’s the story?On the heels of Braun Strowman brutalising the entire Raw roster on last week’s edition of WWE’s flagship show, Kurt Angle took to Twitter and granted Kalisto his wish for a Dumpster match against the Monster Among Men. 

Monsters have weaknesses Braun, you are no monster. I challenge you to a dumpster match. Then I'll reveal the kind of monster trash you are.

In case you didn’t know…Braun Strowman showcased his wrath last week on Raw and went on a demolition drive backstage as he took out R-Truth and Goldust before throwing a powerless Kalisto into a dumpster. This has surely enraged Kalisto, whose arrival on Raw hasn’t panned out exactly how he envisioned.

The former United States Champion will be looking for retribution for being treated like trash, however, it is highly unlikely that he will get what he wishes.

On a side note, the last Dumpster match took place in 1998 at WrestleMania 15 between Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie and  The New Age Outlaws (who lost the titles) for the Tag Team Championship:

 The heart of the matterStrowman is the hottest thing in all of WWE at the moment. His match against Big Show last week – that ended in an epic ring break – has further accelerated his star power as he prepares to face Roman Reigns at Payback.Reigns has been on the shelf as a result of an insane beatdown at the hands of the former Wyatt Family member and the Samoan Superman is expected to be back for the coming episode of Raw. The Dumpster match booked by Angle could be a setup for Reigns’ return.