Kurt Angle, Enzo Amore and How the Art of Mystery Is Making WWE Raw Fun Again

Kurt Angle and Enzo Amore's stories on WWE Raw are generating intrigue outside of the ropes with nary a superkick issued.

The red brand's general manager and its resident smack-talker are both embroiled in mysterious situations, unanswered questions swirling around them like flies. This bit of unpredictability on an often formulaic show has been a refreshing change.

Guessing what's up with Angle and who is out for Amore has been as fun as watching it all unfold.

Raw is at its best when it offers a variety of narratives—comedy and drama co-existing, tales of angry men standing side by side with more theatrical fare. We're seeing Raw embrace this approach with Angle and Amore bringing a touch of mystery to the product.

Amore has twice found himself out cold backstage in recent weeks.

An unknown assailant blindsided The Michael Jordan of Jargon. His tag team partner Big Cass has been quick to come to his friend's aid. The attacks have enraged the powerhouse and left fans wondering who is behind this.

Many pointed fingers at The Revival after the tag team was seen exiting the backstage area after the first attack. WWE has smartly stirred up that speculation by addressing it in an interview. 

It's easy to buy into The Revival as the attackers. The duo is notoriously vicious and has enjoyed leaving rivals lying be it in the ring or in a parking lot.

In fact, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder attacked Amore last February at NXT.

But they aren't the only suspects. Hints that Cass may actually be the triggerman have emerged. Announcer Corey Graves has implied he did it, for one.

And the angry way Cass has denied the accusations may be a sign he's overcompensating.

Raw complicated things on Monday night when Big Cass apparently fell victim to an attack himself. A referee discovered him flat on his face under a pile of debris.