Kurt Angle Returns For Post-WrestleMania WWE Raw

Ever since it was announced that Kurt Angle would be a member of the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame class, speculation has abounded about what role, if any, he'll play with the company once he returns. 

Angle himself is obviously lobbying to get back to work inside the WWE ring, and has been for quite some time, while all reports indicate there is hesitancy on behalf of WWE management.

Now PWInsider is reporting that their sources have confirmed Kurt Angle will make a return on the post-WrestleMania Raw in Orlando – commonly referred to as SmarkaMania for its unusually raucous and vocal crowd mae up primarily of hardcore fans – as well as the following night's SmackDown.

At this point it's still very much up in the air as to what role Angle will play. 

Will he simply make an appearance on the ramp and be acknowledged along with the other Hall of Fame inductees, get a "thank you" in-ring promo similar to what The Ultimate Warrior received, or be involved in an actual angle?

Most fans want to see the Olympic gold medalist return as a member of the active roster, providing us a mouth-watering selection of potential dream matches, but whether or not that's likely to happen is still anybody's guess.

At the very least we'll get to see more of Kurt Angle on WWE TV than just his acceptance speech at the Hall of Fame ceremony the Saturday night before WrestleMania 33.