Lina Lansberg looked like something straight out of a horror movie after UFC London war

Lina Lansberg's start to UFC life has not been what you would call painless.

After displaying incredible courage in even accepting a bout against Cris Cyborg, the most ferocious woman walking the planet, in her native Brazil, Lansberg was given what was supposed to be a more routine outing for her second appearance in the Octagon.

And while Lansberg's hand may have been raised on Saturday night, when she claimed a second unanimous decision against Lucie Pudilova, it was not without difficulty.

The Swedish bantamweight engaged in a brutal and bloody rematch with Pudilova in the first fight of the night at UFC London, claiming a razor-close but unanimous decision in the O2 Arena.

There was nothing but respect after the fight, with Lansberg raising her opponents hand to show her admiration for Pudilova's efforts.

"It was a tough fight but I’m feeling fine," Lansberg said. "I’ve fought her before so I was expecting it to be another tough fight. She lost the first fight so I knew she wanted to come after me. I’m really happy that I got the win though."

And in the moments following the victory, Lansberg didn't exactly look like a winner as she was transported to hospital.

The hard-as-nails Swede was almost unrecognisable as she thanked her fans over the blaring siren of her ambulance.


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