Maria Kanellis has been targeted by hackers: The batch of explicit photos of Maria

Hackers have reportedly leaked nude photos of WWE wrestler Maria Kanellis yet again, and they appear to be the same that propagated the infamous Fappening leaks.

This is the second time in the past few months that the WWE star has been targeted by hackers.

In November, they leaked photos of Maria and Joseann 'JoJo' Offerman. WWE star Paige's private photos and WhatsApp conversations with WWE wrestler Xavier Woods were also leaked by hackers last month.

A fresh batch of explicit photos of Maria have reportedly been published on various notorious websites, which have previously also posted similar content.

IBTimes UK is not reporting the name of the site over privacy concerns. The authenticity of the leaked content could not be independently confirmed as well.

Maria's phone was allegedly hacked earlier this year and nude photos of the professional wrestler first started appearing online in the summer.

WWE stars Celeste "Kaitlyn" Bonin and Danielle "Summer Rae" Moinet have also previously been targeted by the Fappening hackers.

However, in this case, it still remains unclear as to how and when the photos were stolen from the WWE star. It also remains unknown whether the recently leaked photos were stolen from Maria in the latest hack or from the earlier incident.

Softpedia News reported that the newly leaked photos may have come from the previously stolen batch, hinting that the Fappening hackers may be publishing the stolen photos gradually.

WWE diva stars were hit by the Fappening leaks in March. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Anne Hathaway, Nicole Scherzinger and others were also swept up in the hack, with their explicit photos leaked online.

In 2014, Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Upton and Kim Kardashian were among those affected by similar leaks.

In October this year, the third Fappening or Celebgate hacker Emilio Herrera was charged with breaking into the Gmail and iCloud accounts of over 500 celebrities in 2014.

But the recent leaks indicate that the group behind the Fappening leaks is still active, although it is still unclear if the same hackers who first launched the leaks back in 2014 were involved in the latest incident as well.

Maria, who is pregnant and currently not active in the WWE circuit, is yet to comment on the recent leaks.



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