Mark Henry teases a big WWE storyline in the near future

WWE Superstar Mark Henry was recently in Dubai to promote the new WWE 2K17 video game and spoke to Myles Galloway while he was there.Henry discussed a variety of topics, including if he was happy with his current role in the WWE, to which Henry expressed that he is, in fact happy with it and that the majority of his role at this time in his career is happening behind the camera.

Henry also stated that he has one spot left in the Hall Of Pain for a potential retirement match, and he’s looking to go out with an ‘honorable death’ which is what every great warrior hopes for:No, I’m happy in my role. My role is a lot of times behind the camera. We will be seeing what happens here in a little bit, but I believe people will be presently surprised. I have already had my “retirement”, so an honorable death is what every warrior looks for. I’m looking to see who that is going to be, who is qualified, who can actually get the job done. I have one more department for somebody in the Hall of Pain.Previously Henry had teased a retirement when he took to Monday Night RAW and came out to a WWE crowd who gave him quite the ovation, however, it turns out he would simply deliver a World’s Strongest Slam to John Cena instead.One of the most notable things from that segment was the infamous jacket Henry was sporting during the segment, something Henry eluded to when answering the question if he expected the reaction he received from the speech.Henry also mentioned that The Big Show was angry with him, leaving a message on his phone stating Big Show accused him of playing with his feelings. Big Show had apparently started crying after watching Mark Henry’s fake retirement speech on television:Somebody referred to a retirement as a “Mark Henry”, it’s like, wow, we came that far, huh? I chose the Orange suit because because I just have style, I like the way the jacket looked and it fit well, and I wanted the people to remember that moment. I didn’t think the response was going to be to that degree.

I had professional athletes and wrestlers that I never met before call–not sure how they got my number, but I guess they felt it was safe for that person to call me and say, hey man, you had a great career, and even a better jacket. I guess the Big Show’s message was the best. He left me a message and said he is going to kill me, that he was sitting on the couch with his wife crying, and said, that’s how you do me? You used me. You used my feelings, and I said, oh my bad.Henry then discussed what it was like to perform in front of his home state crowd of Texas at Wrestlemania. Henry stated that it was a surreal experience to perform in front of his home state crowd, and it made it all the more special to have his friends and family in attendance as well:Oh my gosh. It was such an unbelievable experience, and to have my friends and family there, was real good too.