Mark Hunt proposes huge changes for UFC

MARK Hunt is not a happy man. The 17-year MMA veteran has been blasting the UFC ever since it was revealed Brock Lesnar used banned substances in their fight in July this year.

Lesnar defeated the Aussie heavyweight by decision in three rounds at UFC 200 and then tested positive for an anti-oestrogen agent which earned him a suspension from the Octagon.

Lesnar’s punishment has been a hot topic of conversation in the UFC world since July, and now Hunt is demanding a drastic change in the franchise.

“It’s the third time I’ve had to fight a steroid user,” Hunt told

“I don’t think the penalties are harsh enough. I don’t think it is a fair environment. I’ve probably fought more juicers than anybody. The difference is now is that I realised I can actually lose an eye or something and not be able to compete again. I know fighting is kind of hard and all, but when these losers are taking steroids it makes it even worse.”

Hunt has taken his campaign against the UFC to another level, seeking legal advice from lawyers in San Diego to begin a case against the franchise in an attempt to win back the money given to Lesnar for his victory.

“The UFC upon the finding of a violation could take all of the money back from Brock. Not only the 2.5 million dollar purse, but anything he earned from pay-per-view,” litigation expert Christina Denning said.

Hunt said MMA is unlike any other contact sport because of the intention to cause harm to your opponent, and consequently believes harsher penalties should apply to offending athletes.

“I think it should be strict on all of them — the charges for an athlete,” the 42-year-old said. “Any other sport is pretty harsh on steroids, but the difference in those sports is they aren’t trying to hurt someone like you are in mixed martial arts. They are affecting time or other people, but with MMA you are hurting others.”

Hunt said he already turned down a fight offer from Josh Barnett, calling the 38-year-old a “known cheater” — but that’s not the only fight he’s had to push away.

The 42-year-old also turned down a bout with Junior dos Santos after the UFC declined Hunt’s conditions which would entitle him to all opponent’s winnings if they are found to be using banned substances.

Hunt believes a zero-tolerance approach to drug use should be enacted by the UFC and wants his own requested contract provision to be applied across the entire fighting circuit.

“It’s time to make things even. I’m not salty because I lost the fight. I’m never salty about a loss, but when someone is cheating, that’s where I get a bit upset. I’d like to see things change. I’d like for them to put rules in so if you are caught cheating all your money goes to the other guy,” he said.

“To be honest, they are taking away my love for fighting. What I love to do is fighting. They are taking it away by giving me all these freaking cheaters. It’s not their fault, but it might’ve been their fault because they might’ve known. I want my release from my contract if things don’t change. I don’t even want to fight anymore. These cheaters have ruined everything.”