Martial arts fighter told ex ‘tonight’s the night you die’ before battering her in frenzied attack

Danni Wolschke, 19, was repeatedly punched and kicked by her jealous former partner, Kris Auld, during the brutal assault in April.
A young mum has revealed how her fighter ex-boyfriend battered her in a terrifying attack after telling her: “Tonight’s the night you die.”

Danni Wolschke, 19, was repeatedly punched and kicked by her jealous former partner, Kris Auld, during the sustained assault in Scotland in April.

She says the 16st martial arts fighter warned her, “I’m murdering you,” before knocking her out and dragging her through the streets, the Daily Record reports.

Danni, who feared she would die in the brutal attack, finally managed to escape and flee to a nearby home, where an ambulance was called.

Now, as her ex-boyfriend awaits sentencing, she wants to tell her side of the story.
In an exclusive interview with the Kilmarnock Standard, Danni, from Darvel, said her life will never be the same.

She also admitted her family are having to move to escape the evil clutches of the Muay Thai fighter.

The brave mum, who was repeatedly knocked out by her former boyfriend in the frenzied attack, said: “I honestly thought he was going to finish the job.

“He told me, ‘tonight’s the night you die; I’m murdering you’. He left me to die.”
Earlier this month Auld, 22, who is awaiting sentence in Barlinnie Prison, pleaded guilty at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court to Danni’s abduction and assault.

But it wasn’t always like that for the young couple who had their first date at a Hallowe’en party in 2014.

Danni said Auld was “shy” and admitted she didn’t know too much about him.

Even Danni’s mum Jaclyn liked Auld saying: “He was always polite and helped out when he was in the house.”
But little did they know what was hiding beneath the facade.

Now Danni wants people to know the true nature of Auld and wants safety for her and her beautiful son.

Customer service adviser Danni said: “We were together throughout, we weren’t on and off again. But things changed about four months in.

“We started to bicker constantly but he was always able to justify himself and make me feel like it was my fault. He manipulated me.”

The pair split up just two weeks before the attack, leaving Danni to raise their then six-week old son Leo alone.
Danni said: “Leo was a novelty to Kris at first, he liked the title of dad but he couldn’t be bothered after a while. He was always on his phone when he had him and would never help out.

“He would never feed Leo or change him and I had to do all of it – that caused a lot of arguments.”

The final straw was when Auld, of New Farm Loch, used Leo as an excuse for kicking Danni’s family door in after an argument, leaving the tiny tot and the family terrified.

Hearing it was over led to a string of obsessive, grovelling texts from Auld. Looking back, it was a pre-cursor for what was to come.
Of the fateful night of the attack earlier this year, Danni said: “It was my first night out after having Leo, I was just going for drinks with a friend in Kilmarnock.

“He was texting me loads asking me where I was and what I was doing but I totally ignored it. Then he started calling me. When I didn’t answer I started getting calls from blocked numbers – it went on all night.

“I knew it was him so I just ignored it. But I knew he would keep going so I waited till I was back in the house and answered.

“He was raging from the off and screamed ‘Where are you’.

“He said I better meet him at the end of the street and if I didn’t he would come through the house and do whatever to everyone that was in.”

Danni was at home with her friend, her mum, Leo, and brother Taylor, 15.

Wanting to put an end to the late-night drama, she took out her extensions and wiped off her make-up. She changed into her pyjamas and walked along to appease Auld.

She hoped it would be a quick meeting, the usual thing, putting up with his jealous rants. But Auld had different ideas.

“He told me to get into the car, so I did,” said Danni. “He asked me where I had been and I said I was in the house.

“Then he snatched my phone off me and started going through my texts – he saw messages between me and my pal going for drinks and texts to my mum. He started driving and asking ‘Why did you lie to me’.
“He told me if I got out the car he would run me down. Then he started going off his head.”

As he drove like a maniac one-handed, Auld repeatedly smashed Danni on the face, punching her till she passed out.

“He was constantly swearing and punching me,” Danni said.

When the car broke down, Danni thought there may be some reprieve from Auld’s vicious onslaught but she couldn’t be more wrong – Auld was just getting started.

She said: “He dragged me out the car by my neck – it was so bad he left his hand-print on my throat.

“I don’t remember what happened but I woke up on the ground with him kicking and punching me.

“He was stamping on my leg repeatedly – I honestly think he was trying to kneecap me. He walked away and was on the phone, he left me for dead at that point.

“Then he came back and saw I was still alive and told me to get a taxi for us to Kilmarnock. He said if anyone heard us I was dead.

“I thought he was taking me to a house to finish the job off.”

Even then the ordeal was far from over for the teenager as Auld dragged her through the streets of the Valley, eventually ending up in Newmilns.

She said: “He didn’t care about me or his son. I begged him to stop and said I had to go look after Leo.

“But he screamed at me ‘I don’t give a f**k about your wean’.”

So out of it was Auld that he willingly took Danni to the first house he saw with its lights on, making up a lie and demanding Danni told homeowners she had been in a fight with a girl and that Auld had come to her rescue.

By this time it was 5am and Auld was demanding Danni ask people to call a taxi.

When he was out of earshot, she begged them to see beyond his lies, telling them it was him that did this to her.

Danni finally managed to escape out of the back door of the house and clamber over the garden fence. As her heart pounded through her chest, Danni made one last-ditch run for safety.

Banging on the first door of a house with lights on, she came across a family she knew. The ordeal was finally over and they called for an ambulance.

But her worried mother didn’t know what was happening. Auld, who still had Danni’s phone, had gone back to Kilmarnock and put her mobile on charge.

Frantic Jaclyn managed to get through, but when he answered, Auld told her: “She’s lying dead in a ditch you fat cow.”

Soon after, the hospital made contact with the family to let them know Danni was safe – but not well.

She had suffered severe bruising and swelling all over her body, had had hair ripped out, teeth chipped and a suspected fractured cheek bone.

She may have recovered physically, but Danni has been left mentally scarred for life, battling anxiety and depression. She is on several anti-depressants and is due to undergo counselling.

Earlier this month Auld was convicted of a number of charges, including the vicious beating of his ex.

He will face sentence on August 4 and has already been warned he faces a ‘lengthy’ jail sentence.

Danni admits it took the brutal beating for her to come to her senses about the father of her child.

She said: “I don’t have any feelings for him now. I just want safety for me and my family – unfortunately that means we are having to move.

“If it wasn’t for my family and the support they have given me, I think I would have been sucked back in by him. It took this for me to realise what was going on.

“I needed this shock to realise it – but I’m lucky to be alive.”