Maryse makes a huge announcement on RAW

Monday night saw a big announcement made by the WWE's A List couple as Miz and Maryse shared a special moment with the WWE Universe.

The segment began with a very honest moment from the Intercontinental Champion as he teased the crowd with a big announcement.

He gave the mic over to his wife however to reveal that the duo are now expecting a child.

The fans in attendance shared in the joy at the announcement as a roar went around the entire arena once Maryse revealed that she was pregnant.

It was a moment which saw the Miz break his usual hard hitting character and become a more genuine human being as he revealed that the couple wanted to share the news in the place where they first met.

That sincerity would be short lived though as he would then begin a pre-written speech on the nature of fatherhood, until he was interrupted by his guest on Miz TV, Enzo Amore.

Amore and Miz would engage in a fierce verbal battle in which the miz would once again, reference out of the ring events to make an impact on his opponent.

It would eventually lead to a match between the two and Amore would even interrupt the match to lay one or two more one liners on the Intercontinental Champion.

The one which really got a reaction though was when Amore asked "who's the daddy?"

Setting off a fit of rage from the Miz, Amore would not only be attacked by he Champion, but would be ambushed by the Miztourage outside of the ring.

Causing the disqualification, Miz didn't seem to care about the match once Amore provoked him just a little bit too much.

The big news was well received by the WWE Universe and is naturally a very happy time in the lives of Miz and Maryse.

However the wider reality could mean that this will signal the end of Maryse's time back with WWE and will likely mean the Miz will need to take time away from the ring once the baby is born.

If Miz does take an extended period of time away from the ring, fans may just miss his unique brand of hard hitting critiques on superstars.



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