Matt Hardy goes off on Impact Wrestling President for keeping his creation

'Broken Universe' out of the WWE.

Matt and Jeff Hardy made the decision to leave Impact Wrestling back in February and proceeded on to do some work for Ring Of Honor (ROH).

The pair appeared at the ROH 15th Anniversary pay-per-view (PPV), however, PPV providers were hit with cease and desist letters ordering The Hardys not to use their 'Broken' characters outside of Impact.
Matt and Jeff did use some 'Broken' mannerisms and terms, however, they did not refer to the gimmick directly. Soon after that, The Hardys made a surprise return to the WWE at WrestleMania 33 last month, where they won the RAW Tag Team Titles in a Fatal Four Way Ladder Match.

The Hardys continue to rule as the champions of the red brand's tag team division, however, they haven't been able to use the 'Broken' gimmick that is loved by so many pro wrestling fans. While again, some chants and mannerisms are used, they are not able to act completely 'Broken'.

There is hope for pro wrestling fans, however, as rumors are running rampant that the WWE is actually trying to purchase the rights to the gimmick from Impact.

Those rumors have been shut down by Matt's wife, Reby Hardy, who says that they were most likely started by someone within Impact to paint them into a position of power.

If a deal is made for the rights to the 'Broken' gimmick between Impact and WWE, however, it most likely won't be the exact same characters. PWInsider recently reported that Impact has applied for trademarks of the terms “Brother Nero”, “Broken Matt” and “Broken Brilliance” on April 28th.

Earlier today (Sun. May 7, 2017) Matt Hardy took to Twitter to go off on Impact Wrestling President Ed Nordholm, who he says doesn't care about pro wrestling fans:

Currently, The Hardys are in the midst of a feud with Sheamus and Cesaro on Monday Night RAW, and while they may not be able to use their full 'Broken' gimmicks, there is no love loss between them and the WWE Universe.

The brothers are still one of the most over characters in the WWE and fans are just happy to have them back home where they belong. There's no telling how long their run with the company will last this time, but singles pushes for each of them is a very strong possibility.

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