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Triple H has heaped praise on Asuka, calling the NXT Women's Champion the "anchor" of the female division in WWE's developmental arm.

The executive vice president for talent, live events and creative told USA Today that he had insisted Asuka remain on NXT following the return of the brand extension last year.

"I would never want to limit someone’s growth or their opportunities, but when Vince brought it up to me, I said the one person who we can’t afford to lose is Asuka," he explained.

The 35-year-old, who extended her record-breaking title reign further last night with victory over Ember Moon at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, has long been spoken about as a potentially revolutionary force in mainstream women's wrestling.

And Triple H, who was said to have helped usher in the company's ongoing Women's Revolution, seems to agree.

“When we signed her, it made everybody already inside look at who we were bringing in and they were seeing what I was seeing – this girl is going to change the game,” he said. "She’s changed the main roster too and how the girls work and that intensity level.”