Mayweather Wants To Work With Richard Schaefer Again

Working with Richard Schaefer is among the things in boxing Floyd Mayweather Jr. wants to do during 2016.

Mayweather expressed his desire to reunite with the former Golden Boy Promotions CEO in an interview with’s Ben Thompson, which was posted Thursday. Mayweather, the retired superstar who owns a self-named promotional company, and Schaefer developed a close relationship during the time when Golden Boy served as the primary promoter for numerous Mayweather fights after he parted ways with Bob Arum’s Top Rank Inc.

“I would love to work with Richard Schaefer,” Mayweather said. “Sometimes in life, you get certain chess pieces that you want and you know with certain chess pieces that you get, you’re not going to lose. If you got Mayweather and [Al] Haymon and Richard Schaefer, that’s a win-win situation with us three working together. Richard Schaefer was the mastermind behind Canelo [Alvarez]. He helped take Canelo to the next level. Richard Schaefer is a real stand-up guy – a very, very stand-up guy.

“I don’t really understand this when I sit back right here and just think. How can Richard Schaefer help Oscar make unbelievable money as far as investments and … I would never do a guy wrong like that. That’s not right. I’m very, very blessed and very, very thankful. I’m sitting very, very well. You know, me and Al sit down and we have unbelievable talks about different fighters that we’re trying to take to the next level to surpass Floyd Mayweather.”

Golden Boy president/principal owner Oscar De La Hoya and Schaefer reached an undisclosed settlement 11 months ago in an arbitration case filed after Schaefer’s resignation from the company in June 2014. De La Hoya accused Schaefer, who was in charge of Golden Boy Promotions for about 10 years, of breach of fiduciary duty to the company.

Schaefer denied De La Hoya’s claims. As part of the settlement, Schaefer, who had a contract with Golden Boy that ran through March 2018, agreed that he wouldn’t promote boxing for an undisclosed period, reportedly at least one year.

Boxing industry insiders have long expected Schaefer to work with Mayweather and Haymon in some capacity once he legally is allowed to do so. He was under a no-compete agreement as part of the settlement with Golden Boy, but that exired at the end of August.