Michael Bisping fires shots at Tony Ferguson on Twitter after UFC 204


After seven long years, Michael Bisping was able to avenge his stinging defeat to Dan Henderson on Saturday night. It was a fight that while many felt Bisping did deserve to win, a good number had still argued for a Henderson victory.

Henderson was able to land his patented overhand right on Bisping in the second round, and followed it up with a barrage of punches when the action went to the mat. That exchange opened up a cut on Bisping’s left cheek, which had left his face swollen with a deep cut, after three more rounds of action.

During his post-fight speech, Henderson says he felt he should have been given the victory, if only fights were not judged in the manner of which they currently are.

“I wish they judged a fight on how you looked after a fight,” Henderson said during his Octagon interview.

Henderson’s statement was echoed by number three-ranked lightweight contender Tony Ferguson, who posted it on Twitter, along with a message of adulation for the former PRIDE and Strikeforce champion. It was not taken too well by Bisping, however, which led to a brief trade of verbal barbs.