Mickey Gall: ‘I will finish CM Punk in one round’

Mickey Gall continues to show he is the man that should fight CM Punk.

For Mickey Gall, his professional debut would prove to be an audition for the UFC. Usually fighters do not fight one time professionally and get the call from the UFC, but Gall could be on his way to fighting in the best promotion in the world after that one fight.


Because he is exactly what the UFC is looking for and it is looking like Gall has made himself the first one in line to take on CM Punk.

In Gall’s professional debut, Dana White was in attendance filming for his new show,Looking for a Fight. Gall knew that at 1-0 he did not have anyone else to fight in the UFC other than CM Punk, so after an impressive finish by Gall, he took to the microphone with White listening on.

Gall said, “Hey, Dana White, I don’t know if CM Punk has a…has a…an opponent, but I would love to fight that man, CM Punk.”

White said to Gall after the fight, “I like where your head is at,” and then told the viewers that he was “interested” in having Gall take on Punk.

“It was awesome man,” Gall told Cage Pages. “That is the most powerful man in MMA. That is Dana freakin’ White saying that he is interested. I must have watched that video like ten times to be honest. Hearing him say my name was awesome.”

It was definitely an awesome moment for Gall, but fighting Punk in the UFC would be even better. It is looking like Gall could really be the one to take on the former WWE champion in his octagon debut and he feels he is the right man for the opportunity.

“Anyone who gets to fight C.M. Punk is extremely lucky,” explained Gall. “He is a big name, but it should be me. I am a fun fighter. I am a good person. I like to go in and I like to fight. I know I would put on a show if I fought him.”

Punk, whose real name is Phil Brooks, has never actually fought in a real MMA fight, but he has been training with Duke Roufus at Roufusport MMA Academy in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Gall, who trains with Jim Miller and Dan Miller at Miller’s MMA, understands that Punk is a wildcard if the two would fight, but feels strongly about how the two would match up.

“He is a little bit of a mystery,” said Gall. “I am smaller than him, but every other area I know I am better than him. Technique and skill wise I am better. He has been doing wrestling moves and I have been doing MMA. I have been practicing fighting and he has been practicing, you know, like choke slams and stuff.”

There has been a lot of buzz about Gall and Punk going at it and Gall even sent out this tweet to Punk to try and stir the waters more. However, Punk has not yet responded to Gall and has ignored everything thrown his way.

“I haven’t heard from CM Punk,” said Gall. “I check his page to see if he has responded and he is talking about ice hockey or something. I think CM Punk is afraid to fight any MMA fighter. He is a professional wrestler who has done this sport as a hobby. He should be scared of me. He should be a scared of any MMA fighter.”


Regardless of who is scared and who is not scared, it looks as if this fight could really happen. Gall, who is now 1-0 in his professional career, would take on 0-0 Punk, which would make an intriguing matchup.

However, Gall knows how a fight with Punk would go.

“I would finish him. I would either knock him out or if he does something silly I can choke him out. It will be a finish for sure. I will finish CM Punk in one round.”