Midnight Mania! Conor McGregor to trademark ‘Notorious’ nickname, Floyd Mayweather rips Dana ‘Bellhop’ White

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Welcome to Midnight Mania! Tonight, we’ve got Conor McGregor filing for a trademark on his own name and nickname, Floyd Mayweather’s latest burn of Dana White, Stipe Miocic feeling “crapped on” by his UFC pay, Sumo, crazy submissions and knockouts, and feelings on B.J. Penn’s latest debacle, which happened to be another step in the spectacular path of “El Pantera,” Yair Rodriguez.

McGregor is ahead of the curve in mixed martial arts (MMA). No one can call the man short-sighted. ESPN reported that McGregor has filed for trademark of both his name his “Notorious” nickname in the United States. The filing states that McGregor Sports and Entertainment Limited Company Ireland intends to use the trademark for shaving products, footwear, clothing, computer and video games, as well as barber shops, among other things. Currently, both Reebok and UFC are allowed to use his name, but neither company own the rights to them.

Mayweather, meanwhile, who has been going back-and-forth with McGregor and UFC president Dana White of late, is very familiar with filing for trademarks — he has done it more than 230 times himself! Mayweather’s most recent comments directed toward Dana White were particularly cutting. 

“I don’t want to talk to Dana White. Remember, Dana White he was a player, he was a boss, but he was a small boss. The big bosses were the Fertitta’s, but then the Fertitta’s chose to sell the UFC so Dana is just an employee. I like Dana White, I don’t have anything against him, but I can remember Dana White used to hang around me and Jeff Mayweather and carry my bags. Dana White, I remember you used to carry my bags.

“Dana White, I remember you used to carry my bags.”

That one’s gotta sting. And with McGregor being a licensed boxer in the state of California, it may be possible the Irishman can legally escape the non-compete clause in his UFC contract and deal directly with Mayweather, bypassing White and Co., although that would be a shocking move. If anyone makes shocking moves, though, it’s “Notorious.”


Except jumping. He sucks at jumping.