Miesha Tate Added to UFC 200 and You’ll Never Guess Who She’s Facing

Miesha Tate has been one of the biggest names in women’s MMA for years. Before Ronda Rousey was even on the radar in MMA, Tate was throwing down with the best of the best in Strikeforce and she has been in the center of the title picture in the UFC from the very beginning to today. That slowly made her one of the biggest underdogs in the company and she ended that amazing tale by taking the UFC title off Holly Holm at UFC 196.

With Tate holding the belt, though, it was incredibly tough to figure out what would come next. Would she wait for a threematch with Ronda Rousey? Would Holly Holm get a crack at her first? What was going to happen!?

Now we know. The details of Tate’s next fight were announced on Wednesday night and nobody really saw it coming. Check out what’s going to happen on the next page.

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Miesha Tate will defend her title at UFC 200 in Las Vegas. Her opponent will be Amanda Nunes.

That’s a shock for most fans since many were expecting the UFC to force Tate to wait for Rousey to return to the cage later in the year. Perhaps more so, it’s surprising that Tate is fighting at UFC 200 against someone that isn’t Holly Holm.

Nunes is a deserving contender, though. She’s riding a strong winning streak. I won’t complain about seeing her get a chance at the title.