Miesha Tate would love the chance to join the commentary team in the UFC

Since retiring from active competition last year, former women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate hasn’t slowed down one bit with her schedule just as packed now as any time when she was still fighting.

Tate still trains on a regular basis while coaching other fighters as much as time allows not to mention working as an ambassador for the UFC by traveling to shows like her recent appearance in Brazil for UFC 212.

Perhaps one of her favorite gigs since retiring has been working as an analyst during various UFC broadcasts where she has the opportunity to break down fights, interview her fellow fighters and give her thoughts on the action taking place inside the Octagon.

“I love it. It allows me to be a part of my favorite sport in a different way but I love it just the same,” Tate told FOX Sports ahead of her latest job as analyst for UFC Fight Night in Auckland, New Zealand on Saturday night.

As a fighter, Tate understood the sport as much if not better than most, but she didn’t really get the chance to truly study the other fights or fighters because she was focused on her own career.

Now that she’s working as an analyst, Tate has learned how much study goes into preparation for a broadcast and it’s made her an even bigger fan of the fighters competing in the UFC.

“There’s a lot of fighters I didn’t know before that I became a fan of just by watching their fights,” Tate said. “Before, I was a casual fan of the sport, you’d watch the fights and you’re talking but now I really pay attention to the fights. Now I kind of stalk these fighters. I look at their Twitter page, I talk to them, I get to know them and you become a much bigger fan of individuals.”

Of course one of Tate’s jobs while working the television broadcasts is to break down fights and give her predictions on who she believes will walk out with a victory.