Mike Jackson was ‘pulling’ for CM Punk to win court case

Mike Jackson admits he was pulling for CM Punk to win his court case but assures the fans, that will be the only win that he’ll get during fight week.

Mike Jackson is gearing up to face CM Punk (real name Phil Brooks) in the former pro wrestlers highly anticipated sophomore appearance at UFC 225.

But Brooks was dealing with a different high-profile fight this week — a defamation case which was resolved (in his favor) just days before stepping into the Octagon. One might rightly assume that his opponent would be reveling in the distraction that could weigh heavily in his favor — but not Jackson.

“I’m happy for him, I’m happy he got the win, but it’s the only win he’s going to get this week,” Jackson told Jose Youngs during an interview at FanSided headquarters this week. “With Phil, it’s nothing personal. It’s a sport and it’s a business move.”

Man known as ‘The Truth’ went on further to state that he was actually hoping for a good outcome for Brooks, despite the advantage it might bring to him.

“I kinda found out the details and I was kinda pulling for him actually,” he said.. “I’m a logical person. You have these guys who whatever reason are offended or triggered and they like to make little money grabs at people and I’m 100 percent against that.”

Despite Brooks’ popularity, many fans have questioned his main card assignment. Jackson, on the other hand, has a positive way to spin it.