Mike Tyson gives Conor McGregor ‘an A’ for his performance against Floyd Mayweather

Mike Tyson was impressed with the professional boxing debut of UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor on Saturday night.

Back in July, former heavyweight champion and the man known worldwide as “The Baddest Man on the Planet” said that Conor McGregor was not only going to lose to Floyd Mayweather this past Saturday night, but said the UFC lightweight champion would “get killed boxing.”

Now that the fight has come and gone, with McGregor going nearly 10 rounds with one of the greatest boxers of all-time, Tyson was impressed with the effort of “The Notorious,” even giving him high marks in the world of professional boxing.

“Oh man, he got an ‘A’,” Tyson said to Sirius XM’s Luke Thomas. “He did great, a guy that never did that before and he went 10 rounds.”

There seemed to be a lot of debate among combat sports fans and media alike when it came to the finish of the bout on Saturday night. After Mayweather had a dominant ninth round, nearly putting McGregor away before time expired, “Money” continued his onslaught into the 10th round. After a barrage of unanswered punches by Mayweather, referee Robert Byrd had seen enough and called a stop to the “Money Fight.”

There are many who believe that Byrd was correct in stopping the fight when he did, while others believe that it was stopped too early, including McGregor himself. You can add “Iron” Mike Tyson to the list of people who claim it was an early stoppage, despite it being McGregor’s professional boxing debut.

“Yeah, but he should’ve went down,” Tyson said. “The guy stopped it a little too quick.”

Tyson believes that McGregor has it in him to continue with a career in boxing should he choose to. However, if the former heavyweight champion was McGregor’s career advisor, he would tell the MMA superstar to head back into the Octagon, unless the big money continues to be thrown in his direction competing in the squared circle.

“I would say go back to the UFC,” Tyson said. “But, if you get paid more money boxing, I would box.”

The full audio interview will air on The Luke Thomas Show will air on Sirius XM Rush 93 on Wednesday, 5 p.m. ET.