Mike Tyson says Conor McGregor’s personality is even bigger than his talent

UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor has helped usher an entirely new generation of fans thanks in part to his incredible fighting style and brash, larger-than-life personality.

One relatively new fan, who was also known for his brash personality, can see the direct impact McGregor is having on the world’s biggest fight promotion company. That fan, former heavyweight champion and all-time boxing great Mike Tyson, spoke to Fighter’s Only Magazine about the Conor McGregor effect and how he compares to UFC stars Ronda Rousey and Jon Jones.

“Conor is very charismatic. Jon Jones is bad, but deep down he’s a decent kind of person and very shy. Whereas this guy, Conor, he’s the man. He reminds me of the old-time boxers, one of those guys that’s just into everything. He walks into the room and everybody stands up. He sucks the air out of the room. He’s just a really interesting guy.

“He does things nobody else has been able to do too. He’s kind of like an animated character, one that’s real though. He’s a great fighter, but his personality is even bigger than his talent. Isn’t that crazy? He’s got this huge personality. Nobody in MMA has ever had a personality as big as his. Ronda (Rousey) is just like a monster – the things she would do – but this guy is different. His personality is phenomenal.”

Tyson is right. There is simply no denying that McGregor carries a certain aura that makes fans and fellow fighters instantly drawn to him. And whether you’re a fan of his incessant trash talk or not, watching him inside the Octagon has become must-see TV over the past few years.

McGregor has notched six knockouts since entering the UFC in 2013, took the belt from the UFC’s only featherweight champion and has dropped enough sound bites to cut promotional ads for years to come.

If you believe Tyson, we’ve fully entered the McGregor era.




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