MMA Fighter Charged, After Burger King Brawl Incident


It seems that for every couple stories that are released in the news of a mixed martial artist preventing a robbery from taking place or disarming an assailant, there is at least one story giving fighters a bad rap. Michael “Wardog” Reid is one of those fighters who give mixed martial artists an aggressive, negative name.

Reid is being charged for violently beating two men following a confrontation at the bar where he worked as a bouncer. Reid’s bail was initially set at a whopping $1,000,000 after he and his partner were arrested for beating two men up outside of the Shorwwood Burger King, leaving one of the victims hospitalized for nearly a week and fighting for his life.

The attack took place after closing time and Reid and his partner apparently got into a parking lot scrap with the two victims. Stay tuned to ENT Imports for more on this story as it develops.