Morning Report: Frankie Edgar could see himself taking two UFC belts off Conor McGregor in back-to-back fights


Frankie Edgar isn’t having a great start to 2016.

Not only does he have to wait for his UFC featherweight title shot, he might have to fight a pissed off Jose Aldo in the meantime.

Edgar really won’t have any clue as to his future until March 5 when lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos defends his title to featherweight champ Conor McGregor at UFC 197 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

McGregor looks to make history as the first fighter to simultaneously hold two titles for the promotion and Edgar is already licking his chops. Win or lost in March, McGregor will still need to make his way back down to Edgar, but showing up with two belts in hand makes it a much bigger fight for both men.

“I think that is the biggest fight, I think that’s the fight most people are interested in seeing and I’m hoping the UFC does the right thing and books me and Conor for UFC 200,” Edgar told FOX Sports.

“It gives a bigger aura to Conor and his image and what he’s done and it definitely makes it a bigger fight. But I’m buddies with Rafael and I’m not one to throw daggers at anybody and wish anyone bad. I think he’s a very tough fight for Conor, he has all the skills to beat him.”

If McGregor beats Dos Anjos, Edgar could see a scenario where he takes the featherweight title off McGregor at UFC 200 in July, rematches him months later at 155 pounds and takes the lightweight title, as well.

“I’d love to,” Edgar said. “We can do it back-to-back and that will be UFC 204 or whatever, that would be the next biggest fight. I’m game. If they let me get my hands on him once, I’ll definitely re-do it.”

Edgar wouldn’t mind being the second fighter to make history notching two titles.

“I’m hoping I get to fight on the biggest card in UFC history and make history by winning two titles,” Edgar said. “I will be there March 5 and maybe I’ll have to parachute my ass into that Octagon, they can’t get me out of there.”



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