Muhammad Ali celebrates the end of No-Shave November with Epic Selfie

Muhammad Ali was a master in the boxing ring in his glory days, but who knew he could grow such a great beard? 


The former boxing great joined in the Today Show fun by starting a No-Shave November competition with the talk show’s hosts Matt Lauer, Al Roker, Willie Geist and Carson Daily, and has since decided to keep growing his beard.

The 73-year-old tracked his beard progress on Twitter, bragging that he was ‘too pretty’ for the competition and asked the men if they were looking as ‘good’ as he was.

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‘#NoShaveToday – 20 days in the books.I’m too pretty for this competition. @MLauer @carsondaly @WillieGeist @alroker,’ he wrote. Three says later, he shared another selfie while wearing sunglasses and a Hawaiian shirt.

‘I could get used to this whole #NoShaveToday You guys looking this good? @MLauer @carsondaly @WillieGeist @alroker,’ he Tweeted on November 23.
On Monday – the final day of November – he tweeted another selfie, with the belief that he won the beard-growing competiton.
‘Total knock out. I think its time @MLauer @alroker @WillieGeist @carsondaly throw in the towel. #NOSHAVETODAY,’ he wrote.
As for what Ali’s beard will look like next time he posts a selfie – we’ll just have to wait and see.