Nate Diaz Reveals He Was Meant To Lose Against Conor McGregor


Holy sh*t man, you can’t say that!

UFC welterweight and lightweight Nate Diaz is all over the mixed martial arts media right now. His successful UFC 196 venture against the featherweight champion Conor McGregor has literally catapulted the younger Diaz brother in to super stardom.

Before that night on March 5, Diaz had been recognized as an outspoken and sometimes controversial character, but UFC president Dana White summed his opinion of Nate up as follows: ‘Nick Diaz is a needle mover, Nate Diaz is not.’


Well, Nate certainly moved the needle against Conor McGregor.

But The win didn’t come without criticism for Nate Diaz, as he faced comments from boxers, popstars like Justin Bieber and Drake, and many members of the mixed martial arts community talking out against his style.
Here’s boxer Andre Ward discussing UFC 196:

In typical Diaz fashion, he blasted Bieber and claimed he would Stockton slap the young pop idol if they met. But his latest comments go much further, and he even makes some shocking claims about the UFC too.

“Bieber don’t watch the sport;” Diaz told Rolling Stone “he don’t know the sport. I’ve seen a couple other people too, Drake, all these other guys that are stating their opinion. How are you going to state your opinion when you don’t know shit? You’re just showing your lack of knowledge on the sport,” he says. “They picked McGregor. The mainstream got him because they know his name more, but if you look at my record and at look at who I am and watch my fights, you know [I was going to win]. Unless you’re caught up in the hype. Those guys all were.

“Everyone’s got their opinions,” he continues, “but I wouldn’t say something about a basketball player or something like that ’cause I don’t know the sport.”

“I see a lot of boxers stating their opinions, which is the most irritating,” he says. “They’re stating their opinion on what’s what. All those boxers who are talking all this shit on me, on my skills in the ring and in the cage, too – I’ll whoop those boxers’ asses at boxing. I’ve sparred in pro boxing gyms. I would have already been a pro boxer if I wasn’t locked in contracts forever. I would have been boxing. I’d fucking do that shit.

“Now I have boxers stating their opinions about how great they would have been. They know all about what we do with our hands?” he continues. “It irritates me when I hear all these guys with their criticism. Especially like Andre Berto. I’m like, ‘You obviously don’t watch the sport or know shit.’ I don’t criticize your boxing skills, so stay out of my own.”1

“A lot of people are making a lot of excuses for this guy, saying he went up two weight classes and all that. I’m a Lightweight, but I can fight at Welterweight,” he says. “I was supposed to lose that fight as far as everyone was concerned. The UFC, him, everyone. He won Round 1, and it’s like, who cares? He lost the fight. It’s five rounds. He can win four rounds then lose in the fifth. He lost the fight.”